About the Site

The St Clements and District Allotment Association site is on the side of Headington Hill which faces west towards the City of Oxford.

The site has about 62 allotments, roughly divided between full and half-plots. There are a few starter/quarter plots. it is fully fenced which gives it reasonable security.

The soil is generally lush and fertile, lying just above the spring line and above a layer of sticky red sand. Most crops grow well, but we have the usual problems faced by any allotment.

The association is relaxed and friendly with a broad mix of ages.

What’s good about the site?

The soil. This tends towards light clay so it is moisture retentive and generally fertile. Most crops grow very well but it is easily compacted.

The people. They are friendly which gives the site a very nice atmosphere. We understand that busy people don’t keep immaculate plots so you can have an allotment and a life. All we ask is for you to upkeep your plot and maintain reasonable tidiness during each season. We have periodic work days for everyone to help tidy up and improve the rest of the site.

The view. We overlook Oxford and the Thames Valley. The sunsets can be fabulous.

What’s Bad about the site?

We have most of the weeds: Couch Grass, Mare’s Tail, Nettle, Thistle, Bindweed, Ground Elder, Michaelmas Daisy and Creeping Buttercup. We have plenty of wildlife to compete with too: Muntjac, Pigeons, Rodents (Mice, Squirrels and the occasional Rat), Slugs and Snails. We have endemic tomato blight with occasional appearances from other diseases.


The site has mains water and a composting toilet. There is a fence around the perimeter of the site with a combination lock. There is some parking on site.